Business begins in the New Yankee Stadium

While the Yankees will not officially begin doing all their work in the new Yankee Stadium until next month the front office officially relocated today into the new Stadium. It is the beginning of the end of the Yankees doing business in the Stadium as they begin to move into One East 161st Street.

The New Yankee Stadium has the same dimensions as the old one and the seats are wider with more legroom between the rows.  Many seats will have cup holders and there will be many more private luxury suites. 

The distance from home plate to the backstop will be shorter by 20'.  The concourse will be almost twice as wide as the old ones at 32'.  There will be more bathrooms and family bathrooms.

The scoreboard will be over twice the size of the old one and instead of 3 elevators there will be 16.  Capacity is about 2,000 less. 

So, the Yankees begin to move into the new Stadium and a new era begins. Lets hope it is even greater than the history of the greatest baseball team in history has been to this date which would be something to see!  GO YANKEES!


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Bill Zeltman is the CEO and co-founder of He writes about a variety of subjects but his passion is writing about the Philadelphia Phillies. Bill has been covering the Phillies for MTR since 2007 and has been a season ticket holder for over 30 years. He has been at many milestone games including Pete Rose breaking the N.L. all time hits record, Steve Carlton becoming the all time strikeout king, many great games in 1983 and 1993, June 8, 1989 when the team overcame a 10 run deficit to beat the Pirates with Steve Jeltz hitting a home run from both sides of the plate. Three games where the Phillies scored 20 or more runs. Kevin Millwood and Roy Halladay's no hitters. The 2008 NL East clinching game, and many great games from 2007 through today.

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