Rockies Begin Important Road Trip

Att_park_1_bg Rockies begin their tour of the NL West tonight in San Fransisco.  The Giants are hot, and lead the NL West and are 12-9.  The Rockies are 11-11 and 3 games behind. Following the Giants the Rockies head to San Diego for 3 games then to the LA Dodgers for 3 more. 

This west coast trip has never been good for the Rockies.  AT&T park does not fit the Rockies where the Rockie were 2-7 last year.  To make matters worse for the Rockies Esmil Rogers gets his first MLB start of the year Saturday and then Jhoulys Chacin on Sunday.  They are both highly rated prospects but both have things they need to work on, and being rookies, well, it won't always be pretty to watch them learn and develop.  The Rockies season now suddenly rest in those 2 young arms.  The Rockies will only go as far as they can carry them.

This trip is big for the Rockies, they need to go 5-4 which is better than they usually have done in the past.  If the Rockies go 3-6 and fall further behind the hole to dig out will become suddenly big.  This trip will be looked back on at the end of the season as a turning point, one way or the other for the Rockies season.  

I have to say, I'm more then a little nervous. It's too early for even a disastorous road trip to knock the Rockies out of anything, but right now, it seems the baseball gods are aligning the stars against them.  But this is what makes baseball great and legends out of young starting pitchers.

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Bill Zeltman is the CEO and co-founder of He writes about a variety of subjects but his passion is writing about the Philadelphia Phillies. Bill has been covering the Phillies for MTR since 2007 and has been a season ticket holder for over 30 years. He has been at many milestone games including Pete Rose breaking the N.L. all time hits record, Steve Carlton becoming the all time strikeout king, many great games in 1983 and 1993, June 8, 1989 when the team overcame a 10 run deficit to beat the Pirates with Steve Jeltz hitting a home run from both sides of the plate. Three games where the Phillies scored 20 or more runs. Kevin Millwood and Roy Halladay's no hitters. The 2008 NL East clinching game, and many great games from 2007 through today.

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