Yankees 2011 Offseason better than people think?

For the first time in quite awhile the Yankees didn't get the big splash during the offseason when Cliff Lee decided to go to the Phillies instead of the Yanks. After that Andy Pettite the long time Yankee and 5 time world champion retired from the game setting up a pretty dissapointing offseason.

However  this doesn't entirely mean the Yanks are done by any stretch of the imagination. Many people may not agree with me on this but in the end i think this offseason will end up being one of the best and most intriuging of g.m. Brian Cashman's career because of what he has done and had to work with. Some of his deals have been low key but very solid he picked up 3 quality pitchers who at one time were great first there is Freddy Garcia who was a member of the world champion Chicago White Sox in 2005 and he won 12 games last season which was the same amount Cliff Lee won in the same league. The next pitcher was Mark Prior who was at one time a great pitcher with the Chicago Cubs when he first came up. The final one was Bartolo Colon who was a solid starter with the Angels at one point as well. All of these pitchers were signed to minor league and for very little money if they make the team. Cashman also signed catcher Russel Martin who is only 27 years old and was an allstar with the Los Angeles Dodgers and Andruw Jones as a utility outfielder and bench player who can get a big hit.

During the offseason the Yanks didn't go entirely without getting a big name they were able to sign former Tampa Bay Ray closer Rafeal Soriano who will set up Mariano Rivera and will more than likey be the closer after Mo retires in a few seasons we assume. 

Only time will tell if any of these guys come out and help the team greatly but the pitching might not be as bad as people think and with the addition of Soriano they now have a 1-2 punch as good as those mid to late 90's seasons when they won 4 titles in 5 seasons and if the starters can get 6 good innings this team could be hard to beat with an outstanding bullpen and clutch hitters off the bench. Are the 2011 Yanks better for being the underdog well only time will tell but let us remember this  team has won 27 championships in there history don't count them out.

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Bill Zeltman is the CEO and co-founder of MTRMedia.com. He writes about a variety of subjects but his passion is writing about the Philadelphia Phillies. Bill has been covering the Phillies for MTR since 2007 and has been a season ticket holder for over 30 years. He has been at many milestone games including Pete Rose breaking the N.L. all time hits record, Steve Carlton becoming the all time strikeout king, many great games in 1983 and 1993, June 8, 1989 when the team overcame a 10 run deficit to beat the Pirates with Steve Jeltz hitting a home run from both sides of the plate. Three games where the Phillies scored 20 or more runs. Kevin Millwood and Roy Halladay's no hitters. The 2008 NL East clinching game, and many great games from 2007 through today.

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