Classless Nats Rip Hamels and Phillies Fans

Philadelphia Phillies starter Cole Hamels has the makeup of an old school pitcher. Philadelphia fans are passionate. Unfortunately Washinton Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo and former Phillie Jayson Werth just do not get it. While Hamels and the fans express themselves, Rizzo and Werth show their true selves as cry babies.

Hamels admitted to intentionally throwing at rookie Bryce Harper in the first inning of last nights game. Rizzo called Hamels “fake tough”. Fake tough? He plunked your player showing his confidence. What is this guy talking about? In the spirit of Don Drysdale Hamels asserted himself on the mound and backed it up off of the field. Drysdale used to offer to autograph the bruise. Hamels proved he is in control on the mound .  He could have backed down. He knew he was risking suspension. It did not matter to Cole. He is real tough and cry baby Rizzo can not handle it.

Speaking of cry babies, so Werth was heckled leaving the field after breaking his wrist. This guy has been taunting Philadelphia fans since leaving the team to go to the Nats. He can dish it out but he can’t take it. He went for the money. Then underperformed because he was not the real deal without Chase Utley and Ryan Howard protecting him in the lineup. Now the limp wristed outfielder is bitter because he gave up his chance to win.

Werth vowed that he would not allow the Phillies to have a parade down Broad Street again. Let me tell you something, Werth may never even play again. He should shut his mouth and just hope he can get back on the field. Oh sorry, I forgot. He got his payday. What does he really care.

Mike Rizzo and Jayson Werth are cut from the same cloth and deserve each other. Neither should even be mentioned in the same sentence as a guy like Cole Hamels. Hamels has courage and conviction. Werth and Rizzo are limp wristed second rate talent that are bitter because they know their team and fans will never measure up to players like Hamels and fans like they have in Philadelphia.

They can take their Natitide and all of about 20,000 total fans and shove it. They are a second rate franchise going no where. Enjoy first place now. Some teams win in April, real teams win in October.


  1. Joyus33 says:

    You hit it right on the head. And Hamels has class because at least he stepped up and admitted what he did. If a bats pitcher hit a Phil they probably would never admit it. They’d take the coward’s way out and say it was an accident. If Rizzo and Werth can’t take what they dish out, they should probably get out of baseball.

  2. Rizzo is a crybaby because he doesn’t know any better. He’s trying to light a fire under his team but he expects too much from an unproven franchise and players. He doesn’t know what it takes to win nor has he earned the right to criticize, for the same reason. His team is loaded with talent but you need grinders to make the postseason. Harsh criticism may earn you some attention but his team will need to win during the dog days of summer if the want to play in October. It is strange that Rizzo criticizes Hamels who has more hardware than anyone on the Nats. You don’t earn a World Series MVP by meeting the expectations of a second rate GM. Hamels can say what he wants because he’s earned the right through

    • I completely agree. The Nats are a year or so away from playing like they are for a 162 game season. And Rizzo may not be the guy that gets them the pieces to get over the top.

  3. Nats fan says:

    Wow. Am I the only person who stumbled onto this mindless drivel? You want to talk classless? Classless is booing a player who just got injured and having a pitcher beam a teenager who did nothing to deserve it. Go take a look at everything on the web, not a single blogger or sportswriter has come to the defense of Cole Hamels, because what Hamels did was indefensible, but you use this whole event as an excuse to talk sh*t about a team that just sent you into last place. A place your team will be for the foreseeable future, as the Phillies age into obscurity. You dickheads have about a year until CBP looks like the Vet did only 10 short years ago.
    2nd rate franchise going nowhere? The Nats have the best record in the East and the pitching staff in the majors. Enjoy watching them dominate your Phils for the next decade you fat, baldheaded fuck.

    • I can see there is all kinds of classlessness bred in D.C. You couldn’t just give your side of the argument and then say you agree to disagree. Real classy. And Philadelphia fans get a bad wrap?

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