The Filibuster

Feel bad about slamming Peavy yet?

Mike G.
Chicago, IL

This question makes the very broad assumption that I feel anything. I don’t. If I did I would already be cowering in shame because the Cardinals just dropped a series to the LOLstros.

But this is baseball. It defies feeling. It defies logic.

The Red Sox and Phillies in last place? The Dodgers and Nats routing? Peavy in control, flashing signs of the old whip-and-kill-em arm action?

Why not? It’s only May. Anything could happen.

Maybe I was a bit harsh on Peavy. Can you blame me? As far as baseballers go, Jake is pretty annoying. And up until this season, all he had really done in a White Sox jersey is yap yap yap with a string of poor performances following those empty words.

I want my pitchers to pitch. Not yap. PITCH.

Jake is finally doing that. Maybe his detached latissimus dorsi is properly attached again. His velocity is back. He’s hitting his spots. Why should a man being paid like a superstar get extra accolades for FINALLY fulfilling his end of the bargain by pitching like a superstar? Isn’t it too late!?!?!?

For my White Sox fan brethren, I am very relieved. Yes, it is early yet, but to see Peavy, Dunn, Rios and *GULP* Gordon Beckham actually perform well makes life on the south side much easier. But again, it is May. There’s plenty of baseball left.

So I won’t douse that crow with Sriracha until I know I absolutely have to eat it.

Hate me. It’s cool. Just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.



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