Avery Johnson Says Brooklyn Nets Arent A Championship Team

Coach Avery Johnson is making sure you pay attention to the quality of the team and not get blindsided by the star power behind it. Just because the Nets moved from Jersey to Brooklyn doesnt take away that you still have the same team, with only slight changes.

“Deron was a big key to the whole puzzle,’’ Avery Johnson said. “To be able to acquire some other talent through free agency or trades or re-signing some of our own guys, it’s pretty exciting for us. We’re not there yet. We’re not a championship team. We got a lot of work to do. But at the same time, we have a much better talent pool than we’ve had the last two years.

“We’re much more versatile than we’ve ever been. Right now, we look good on paper. Now we got to take it from looking good on paper and apply the work to go (forward).’’

The Eastern Conference Atlantic Division is going to produce some great games with the Celtics, Heat, 76ers, Knicks and the Nets, this season of the NBA is bound to be an exciting one. The competition all across the board is coming for Miami and their championship.

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