Nolan Ryan Says Josh Hamilton Picked Bad Time To Quit Smokeless Tobacco

This was supposed to be the season that Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton won an MVP, a World Series and then became the most important free agent acquisition in the history of baseball.
yes I’m exaggerating a bit, but you get my drift.

Instead Hamilton blamed his use of caffeine on an eye injury, and said that god wanted him to give up chewing tobacco, and that’s why he struggled earlier in the year.

Speaking of that smokeless tobacco stuff, Hamilton chose to quit chewing snuff during the regular season because he said god told him to.  Anyone who has dealt with any form of tobacco and trying to quit can attest to how difficult such a task might be, and how it affects your body.

Well the President of the Rangers and former pitching great Nolan Ryan was on a ESPN Dallas radio show, and voiced his opinion on the matter.

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