The Filibuster

Allen’s Tigers are in the Series and the Cardinals are still trying to earn their bid. If the Cards don’t make it, will you cheer for the Tigers?

Fort Royal, IN

Hold it right there, Ms. Anne from Fort Royal. Are you insinuating that the Cardinals might not make it to the World Series? SHAME. SHAME! SHAME!!!

Oh the possibility does bring fear into my being, but THIS… IS… WAR!!!

I can not even begin to envision a Cardinals-less World Series, so to postulate me possibly rooting on THE ENEMY seems as blasphemous as using the Paul Ryan marathon calculator to report my times to my peers!

Will I root for the Tigers? Pssh. Will I also cut out my own stomach with a butter knife and eat it whole? Will I also canvas door-to-door for the Republican party thumping a bible in people’s faces? Will I eat at the Olive Garden?

Hell. To the NO.

My only focus right now is TONIGHT. In San Francisco.

This. Means. War.

Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.



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