Opinions are like noses, everyone has one. My opinion is that it appears that the citizens of America have already lost their cognition and common sense.  They don’t know how to filter information from the radical politicians when it is delivered to them. For example, I was comparing speeches from our dear president from 2008.  He was in Illinois.  He appeared relaxed and soft spoken when he said that if elected he will “FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM AMERICA”.  Also at that time he promised to bring jobs, open factories, build this and that, bring new green energy, give all illegals the residence in America as soon as he becomes President, etc. which was why the Hispanics voted for him, and at the same time another large percentage of the illegal Hispanics voted for him with help from the Democrats. In my opinion the 2008 ELECTION WAS THE REPLICA OF A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY’S ELECTORAL FRAUD, because the Radical Democrats and cronies got...
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I am a very strong believer that 6th grade belongs in elementary school Every parent that I speak with, particularly those with a 5th grade student, agrees. They want their child to spend another year in elementary school. LAUSD never asked them if they want their students to enter middle school in 6th grade and high school in 9th grade. What do the Board members, administrators, and superintendents really know—they do not go to schools; they do not take calls from parents; they are so out of touch! It is much easier for parents to stay on top of everything and to be involved in the smaller elementary school environment. Secondary teachers are not trained to remediate educational deficiencies; elementary teachers are. “Return 6th grade to all elementary schools. Let the kids be kids for one more year. Let them enjoy their elementary school years and the way elementary students are treated; and delay the pressures and homework of secondary schools as shown...
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  Opinions are like noses everyone has one. My opinion is   that this President is taking too many liberties. The title is gone to his head in a bad way.  He believes that he is “A KING OR A MONARCH AND WE ARE THE SLAVES” and WE should bend over backwards and kiss, kiss him.  Mr. President   WE NEVER EVER ASK FOR A FREE HEALTHCARE, or free food, so what is your problem? I understand that you are in a hurry to destroy all our liberties, but come on,  stop right there, the FAT PEOPLE ARE GOING TO VOTE ALSO, and they  are not going to vote for you because you are depriving all of  them of  LEISURE AND JOY  and their freedom of choice.  They pay their Health Insurance.  They don’t need your stinky welfare. Now you need to be honest and we will help you. If all you want is  free  Healthcare for your brothers on welfare and all...
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Opinions are like noses everyone has one.  My opinion is that President Obama has already gone too far with his abuse of power.  HE STARTED RAPING THE CONSTITUTION the day he imposed HIS NATIONAL HEALTHCARE by making empty promises and twisting arms in his Democratic congress. He jammed it down the throat of all the American citizens, threatening all of us with penalties if we disobey his orders. The day I learned about this for a moment I thought I was in the Soviet Union, Cuba or another third world country, where the 90 % of the people are ignorant, illiterate and hopeless. This is an outrage to our freedoms.  I believe this is America and to me he is trampling on our rights. Anyway the  National Healthcare bill is just about 3 times the volume of the Christian Bible, and also is a  “TROJAN HORSE”,   where there is  enclosed many unknown rules and regulations  that are coming up...
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Welcome to the new

Welcome to the new! We are pleased to welcome you to our new site. Our archived articles will soon be on the site but for now enjoy our latest posts by the best journalist in the country! All of our features will be back and working very soon!  ...
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Rutgers Receives Resignation Letter From President

TINTON FALLS, N.J. - This afternoon Rutgers president Richard McCormick sent out the longest e-mail, his students and staff probably have ever gotten from him, notifying the Rutgers community of his resignation. McCormick simply stated that his term as university president will end after the 2011-2012 academic year. The president went on with his emotional message giving the university community the history of how he came to be Rutgers' president, how Rutgers has changed under his administration and what is to come.

Below is the letter McCormick sent out, which was provided by a Rutgers student:

"Dear faculty, staff, students, alumni, parents and friends of Rutgers:

My longstanding and profound pride in Rutgers has grown even stronger in 
the past month. Walking with my wife Joan and our year-old daughter 
Katie on Rutgers Day, I was reminded again of the breadth of outstanding 
programs this university offers—and was inspired afresh by the often 
brilliant ways in which members of...

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LAUSD administrators aren’t educators

The downtown and local district administrators are not educators. At one time, some were principals, even teachers. Now they are bureaucrats.

The Board of Education and the Superintendent are not educators. They are bureaucrats preserving their own territories, maintaining their sovereignty, and cya.

So why are they making the decisions that affect hundreds of schools, thousands of educators, and hundreds of thousands of students? The product is education, the service is education and the clients are the students of LAUSD.

Every decision, every program from arts to Math, from playground equipment to cafeteria food, from testing to class size is made by non-educators.

If you have a factory, decisions about the product would be made people in the know. If you have a sports team, choices will be made by management and coaches who know the sport and the players. If you have a hospital, medical decisions regarding patients will be made by...

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