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The Filibuster

Is the hype to be believed? Could the Nationals actually contend this year? Sawyer Ballston, VA ___________________________________ Sexy superlatives and arduous absolutes, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your 2012 Washington Nationals! Could they actually contend? Hmm... does watching a pitcher's duel strike me with uncontainable bonerjamz? HELL to the YES, my friend! There are 159 games left in the season, and the Nats could win 'em all! Or not. Still, this is not your embarrassing Expo leftover Natinal squad of old; rather, this is a team with bona fide pitching, timely bats and a revered sage at the helm! Do you think Davey Johnson thinks they can contend? I'd bet my 1986 eight-ball wrapper collection he does. And why not? Without Howard and Utley for a good stretch, the Phillies find themselves offensively challenged. The Braves, still salty from their epic fail of 2011, certainly don't have all the answers. I'm not convinced...
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Welcome to the new

Welcome to the new! We are pleased to welcome you to our new site. Our archived articles will soon be on the site but for now enjoy our latest posts by the best journalist in the country! All of our features will be back and working very soon!  ...
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