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The Dovid Dobin Show’s Patriots’ Day Celebration

Bobby V blows up in Boston, the NHL goes insane, and we discuss the virtues of an NFL without kickoffs. Keep up during the week on Facebook and Twitter, then tune in for the next episode, Monday at 6 Eastern/3 Pacific Monday on MTR Radio. The Dovid Dobin Show's Patriots' Day Celebration  ...
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Rice won’t report to camp; Ravens reportedly interested in backup QB

Offseason team activities started for the Ravens today. As expected, Ray Rice isn't there. Rice, who is protesting the franchise, wasn't expected to report without a new contract. The running wants a large contract, but the Ravens probably aren't going to give him an Adrian Peterson-type deal. I'm sure it will get worked out eventually. In other news, the Ravens are reportedly interested in former Steelers quarterback Dennis Dixon. That report comes from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. This is interesting because the Ravens went with a rookie sixth-round pick, Tyrod Taylor, last season and veteran Marc Bulger in 2010. Stay tuned on that rumor....
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Evans to sign Jaguars

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported today that wide receiver Lee Evans, with the Ravens last season, will sign with the Jacksonville Jaguars tomorrow. That's great for Evans. After his drop in the AFC Championship game it was more than likely the Ravens wouldn't bring him back after releasing him. He had four catches in the regular season and four catches in the playoffs in his single season with the Ravens....
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A new day in Oakland: Can the Raiders escape Al Davis’s shadow in 2012?

Sure, life is ever-changing. But for the Oakland Raiders, everything this off-season has had it's own sense of oddity. From the abnormal, non-splashy free agency, to the changing of coaches to the approaches of the draft, the Raiders are working against their history...and to that end, the team may be stronger for it. Probably the biggest difference that the Raider Nation would adjust to, was that players who normally would bury their heads in the sand until Uncle Al would toss some money, were now allowed to walk. Kameron Wimbley, for starters would move out, unable to come to terms with the Raiders. Michael Bush, which was still a little shocking would switch from being a backup in Oakland, to being a backup in Chicago, along with Jason Campbell. But probably the biggest surprise, is that with a new GM calling the shots, the Raiders are actually cap-friendly for a change. With a recent recovery of Dave Tollefson, the Raiders add...
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Phillies, Flyers, Eagles Fans Dominate PNC Park

It was a cool, crisp night in Pittsburgh last night and as I entered PNC Park to catch the Phillies and Cliff Lee take on the upstart Pirates. As I stood in line I couldn’t help but notice the sea of red that surrounded me. Then over the sounds of street noise and people clamoring about their days I heard the distinctive sounds of:


Then thrown into the mix was the distinctive orange and black of people who had gone to the Flyers Penguins game earlier in the day. The Flyers fans didn’t seem to be too happy as the Flyers lost 4-2 to the Penguins in what mostly was a meaningless Saturday afternoon game that brought the 2011-12 NHL regular season closer to a quiet end. It looked as if the Flyers fans were hopeful that a Phillies win would make the long trip...

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