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Great start to NFL Week 1 except that I mispicked on Thursday night.

Just try to figure it out.

New Orleans at Atlanta 1:00 PM NO Problem! Georgia Dome
Minnesota at St. Louis 1:00 PM Yo Adrian! Edward Jones Dome
Cleveland at Pittsburgh 1:00 PM No Johnny Football No Win! Heinz Field
Jacksonville at Philadelphia 1:00 PM Fly Eagles Fly! Lincoln Financial Field
Oakland at NY Jets 1:00 PM Long trip to lose. MetLife Stadium
Cincinnati at Baltimore 1:00 PM No Rice No Winny M&T Bank Stadium
Buffalo at Chicago 1:00 PM Da Bears by a Cub Soldier Field
Washington at Houston 1:00 PM DeSean for DeWin Reliant Stadium
Tennessee at Kansas City 1:00 PM There’s a fat man in the bathtub… Arrowhead Stadium
New England at Miami 1:00 PM Brady = Winny Sun Life Stadium
Carolina at Tampa Bay 4:25 PM Beware of Panthers in Florida Raymond James Stadium
San Francisco at Dallas 4:25 PM Funny that the Cowboys would start against SF.  No one will be gay in Dallas on Sunday night. AT&T Stadium
Indianapolis at Denver 8:30 PM Indy not Seahawky Sports Authority Field at Mile High
NY Giants at Detroit 7:10 PM Giants Suck!  There I said it. Ford Field
San Diego at Arizona 10:20 PM In the Cards. U of Phoenix Stadium

PRICELESS NFL PICKS 2014 – Opening Night Special

It’s 2014 and it’s time for football.   PRICELESS NFL PICKS is all about the fun of football and the brain tease of trying to figure out who is going to win.

Thursday Night Kick-off Special

Week 1:


Green Bay at Seattle 8:30 PM Even THE 12th man can’t H-E-L-P!

What is next for DeSean Jackson?

On a week where San Francisco 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver was arrested Friday on suspicion of hit-and-run, reckless driving with injury and weapons possession and Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Champion Running Back and Rutgers Alum Ray Rice is looking at 3-6 years for assaulting his girlfriend in an Atlantic City casino elevator … the DeSean Jackson departure from the Eagles under a cloud of uncertainty seems tame.

Jackson’s home was broken into a few weeks ago but no one is making any connections with that incident and his dismissal.  So what gives?

DeSean Jackson has not been legally accused of any wrongdoing nor has the NFL ruled he acted improperly.  So until more information is released or he is legally accused of something he is free to get picked up by any of the other 31 NFL teams.

So the question is where does DeSean Jackson end up?

There were reports before his departure that both the 49ers and the Patriots were interested in acquiring him.  If that was so I think one of those teams would have picked him up right away.  They did not.

So what is next?

Would former Eagle Coach Andy Reid now the Chiefs head coach move to pick up his long time player? 

Very much a possibility. 

Would a team like the Cowboys or Raiders take a chance on him?  Both have taken on players with reputations and issues before.  Imagine Tony Romo having both Dez Bryant and DeSean Jackson to throw to.  The balance of the NFC East would change.  Would owner Jerry Jones take a shot at it?  You bet.

Eagles Chip Kelly – Mr. Ethics?

In the matter of a few off-season weeks Chip Kelly has cleared out QB Michael Vick who is a convicted felon and All-Pro Wide Receiver who is now alleged to have gang member ties per

Having ties to gang members is not a crime.  Though it does not look good for the team it is hard to imagine that “connections” were the only reason why Jackson was flat out cut from the Eagles.

This is more than sending a message by Coach Kelly.  He must have some additional information that has yet to be released.  It appears that Coach Kelly wants to run a clean ship.  

This writer finds it very refreshing that star player misbehavior is not being tolerated by an NFL organization.

My hats off to Kelly.

Come back to to find out what breaks next in this case.  It’s clear that more will come out soon.

Will some other NFL team take the risk on Jackson?

Will Jackson come clean on whatever issues there are and take steps to correct it?

Sanchez an Eagle? Jackson to Jets? What Gives?

I know that it is the NFL off-season and rumors fly like Canadian Geese.  Sometimes north and sometimes south.  But these possible changes to the Eagles will not help the Eagles in September.

Someone explain this to me.

Is this just dump salary and pick up a QB cheap or is there some master plan Chip Kelly has?

Michael Vick Signs with NY Jets

The extremely controversial Michael Vick era with the Philadelphia Eagles is over.  After 5 year with the Eagles have let him sign with the NY Jets.  The Jets in turn cut QB Mark Sanchez after five seasons including an injury shortened 2013 season. 

Vick will now compete against 2nd year QB Geno Smith for the starting job on the Jets.  Smith, who had an up and down rookie season, led the Jets to an 8-8 record which was not bad for a rookie QB.  There is nothing but up for Smith and Vick will give that veteran depth and some controversy that coach Rex Ryan seems to like.  Remember this is the same coach that brought Tim Tebow to NYC and then never really used him.

You can bet that Vick will be a lightning rod of controversy when he gets to NYC.  First, it will be the off the field stuff then the fans will see him play and realize that there is no there there.  

Wired for Sports Podcast – Episode #7 – 3/20/14 w/ @SpezTalksSports & @ESPNNYChris

Flag on the Wordplay


Okay, so if we’re gonna do this, then let’s get it out of the way. Nigger. It’s the single most horrible word in the English language and conjures up every terrible feeling that comes along with it. It’s offensive, burdensome, and I genuinely feel sick to my stomach that I even typed that with its presence on the page staring in me in the face. Last year during the Riley Cooper scandal, Patrick Swafford and Chris Lundy had a very real, very frank discussion about racism; specifically the use of that word and how it affects the modern sports landscape.

This week the NFL made news by attempting to do something to forever change that status quo with the announcement it was thinking of assessing a 15-yard penalty if the N-word is heard on the field of play. It’s an ambitious plan that Roger Goodell and the NFL Owners are embarking on, one that could actually pay off dividends in terms of striking a blow towards the eradication of the word, and I strongly believe that it is the absolute wrong thing to do.

I genuinely find it somewhat hard to defend any position that seems to favor any sort of cultivation of the ominous N-word, especially as a white man. It’s a word that is steeped in hatred, mired history, and never is without consequence when said…at least by white people. This point has to be the first issue that will be addressed when dealing with the NFL’s proposed rule. Last year Riley Cooper, at a Kenny Chesney concert, drunk out of his mind, was caught on a cell phone video using the N-Word and it immediately became the biggest story in sports. A solid slot receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, who I genuinely believe was set to have a huge year under Chip Kelly’s system, was absolutely mauled by the media, fans, players, politicians, and anyone who chose to voice their opinion. The mere mention or implication of the word by a white person is cause for serious alarm. Just ask Paula Deen. Am I defending these people? Absolutely not, but the fact of the matter is that the N-Word is now “The Word That Must Not Be Named” by anyone not black. It’s become a racial divide just as much as a cultural one. African-Americans have whether correctly or incorrectly feel like they have reclaimed that word for themselves. It’s theirs now and no one else is allowed to use it. Even looking at the hip-hop genre as a whole, imagine the backlash if top selling artists like Eminem or Macklemore were to use the N-word as freely as Kayne West or Jay-Z. Can you imagine it if they said it ONCE? Eminem actually went through a minor scandal based on a song that he wrote early in teens on a throwaway demo after a bad breakup with a black girl.

To argue whether or not the N-Word should be part of the African-American culture is not the point of this piece, nor part of this argument against the NFL. This is merely to point out that our current culture polices the N-Word’s usage by those deemed unacceptable and already punishes it fairly harshly. However, since the N-Word has become engrained in the black community, making part of the ruling on the field would actually only affect ONE group of players; blacks. I can only imagine the backlash of a referee, white or black, throwing a flag on a black player for calling another black player the N-Word. It’s the job of the referee to police the gameplay, keep players safe, and enforce the rules. It is neither their job nor responsibility, especially as part time employees of the NFL, to become guardians of social change and cultural progression.

This comes to another point that I find rather unbelievable about the hypocrisy of this proposed rule change. It is not without good or even great intention of the work of John Wooten and The Fritz Pollard Alliance, which monitors diversity in the NFL, who are trying to do something to stem the language that players use on the field. I understand that we as a society look up to athletes as role models and that by trying to get these athletes to eliminate the word from their dictionary, there is a belief that slowly but surely it will trickle down to youth who look up to them. It’s a great idea in concept but in execution, there are definitely going to be flaws.

The NFL officiating crews have already been under fire for making some pretty awful calls in 2013, from helmet to helmet violations, pass interference, and everything that happens in the trenches. To even attempt for them to have to now be paying attention to what players are saying to each other, whether they are on the same team or not, whether they are the same RACE or not, is going to be an absolute crapshoot. I can’t even imagine what the fallout is going to be to see a 15-yard penalty assessed during a pivotal moment in a game or after a key 3rd down stop because two players were excitingly celebrating with one another drops the N-Word. Perhaps even worse, if the referee even thinks that he heard the N-Word. This is not part of the officials job description nor should this be something to add to their already laundry list of things that they need to be watching during the field. It won’t be a white player calling a black player the N-word, it won’t be changing the culture of making the word less offensive, it will just be affecting a football game.

The NFL owners, Roger Goodell, and of course, Riley Cooper have all come out in strong support of this proposed rule change. Of course one would expect Cooper, still and probably forever on the contrition train of apologies, also not surprised that Goodell and the NFL owners, none of whom are African-American, would see this change as favorable. It’s considerably easier for non-blacks to find the word reprehensible; it’s a word that white men used to degrade blacks. It’s a word that serves as a stinging reminder of a very dark time in American History say from its founding till about now.

I can also understand John Wooten and Ozzie Newsome and others of a different generation feeling so strongly about the word being said in any context, whether by whites or by blacks. They lived through the negativity and degradation but there’s a strong generational divide that has to be acknowledged as well and to immediately point fingers and say that a person, again of any color, is wrong to be saying the word is something of a personal preference. White people will always vilify the word because it’s easy to be offended by your own reminders of guilt. It’s permanence will forever be a stain in American history. Of course one could make the very same assumption about the word Redskin. A word that was once used proudly until the white man turned it into a term of degradation and abuse while subjugating an entire race of people.

Yet there remains strong pushback on the movement to change the Washington Redskins to something less offensive. Dan Synder, the Redskins owner, refuses the change the name and says it shouldn’t be seen as offensive because it’s just a sports team now with a completely different history. Is it okay then for Synder to turn around and say “well ‘Redskins’ is different than the N-Word because we don’t mean it to be offensive”?

This also comes at a time when we are still dealing with the aftermath of the Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin scandal. The use of the N-Word is pulling focus on the majority of this rule change but it will also quickly move include any racial slur or sexually derogatory statement. Again, it’s tough to stand against any push to outlaw these kinds of behavior and it’s not an easy argument to make because it really can come off as defending the N-Word or other hate speech. I would love to live in post-racial, post-sexist, post-discriminatory society where words like that have no power and we can all just treat each other wonderfully. I believe in working towards goals like that, we all as a society should. I understand the argument that if you worked at a bank or a law firm and two black employees were to call themselves the N-Word there would be serious ramifications to that. Now, let’s move past into the real world and know that there are a lot of things that you couldn’t do in an office that you can do as a professional athlete.

If the NFL, Roger Goodell, and John Wooten want to get together and start creating meaningful social programs where athletes take pledges to not use the N-Word or any other hateful language, go to schools and start talking about the negative effects of saying words like that, start filming public service announcements, and begin to form players committees to actively work on changing the culture and removing hateful language of any kind. It is not, however, rules that should dictate the way that a sport is played on a field. The N-Word is too complex to be fixed by throwing a weighted yellow piece of cloth to fix and to think that we can put that burden on an officiating crew which is predominantly white against an NFL that is 70% black, is a fool’s errand. There are steps to be taken, moves to be made, and a culture that maybe can change through proper programs, education, and community. With that, I give the NFL and society as a whole, my completely support and voice. You cannot, though, expect 15 yards to change over 150 years of history.

- Chris Lemke

Status Radio W/John Corrie 2-2-14

SB48 preview show. Game predictions plus a big announcement regarding the show. #12thman #Broncos



Hey PICK fans!  I am back!  After a long, dreadful drought I am back and ready to have fun.  I was over 85% with my picks when I had my life thrown into a tizzy.  But enough about me it’s SUPER BOWL time and it’s here in New Jersey which is a place it will never, ever be again.

It was freaking cold this week.  No fun for anyone who wanted to go to any of the SB events.

I must admit I have live in both cities that are in the SB this year.  I lived in Federal Way WA and Boulder CO so I have a good understanding of the teams and their fan base.  First thing I have to say is enough discussion about the cold and wind affecting Peyton Manning.  Have any of these people ever even been to Denver.  There is wind there too.

Also, all the cold discussion will go out the window as it may be in the 50′s before game time and about 30 later at night but not the deep freeze, frozen tundra, ice bowl, Titanic Iceberg, mega-storm, doom and gloom, we are all going to die type of weather that will really affect the play on the field.  The fans will be cold but who cares about them, most are not even fans of either team.

So who is going to win the BIG GAME, the game of games, the battle to end all battles, etc. etc.

It is nice that the two best teams in each conference are in the SB.  Usually, that does not happen but it did this year.  So much for the Chefs coming in a close 2nd.  LOL Doom on you Andy Reid.

So who is going to win?

I have always said the DEFENSE WINS SUPER BOWLS but so do great QBs.

Both teams have both.

So who is going to win?



You may have to live in Seattle to understand.





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