New Orleans Saints

Look Out, Small Fry! The Big Tuna Returns

Fans of the NFL coaching turnstile may want to check the expiration date on that can of Old Tuna sitting on the shelf since the Dolphins started to rebuild. Yes, reports are now circulating that the Big Tuna himself, Bill Parcells, is about to go in when the Saints go marching out. Can it be that the Tuna will take over the Saints for one year on an interim basis, subbing for the lowlife coach who thought he was Steve McQueen in Wanted Dead or Alive? Bounty hunters will stand aside when Bill Parcells takes over the New Orleans franchise. Maybe Sean Payton does not yet realize his job is in jeopardy now from another source. The Big Tuna is more dangerous than a Great White Shark. Parcells in past incarnations has come on to a franchise for five seasons and then disappeared back into the briny deep. Ask those in New York, Boston, and Miami. He has an appetite for Super...
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Goodell Gets It Right

  Roger Goodell has taken a lot of heat over the course of his commissionership of the NFL. Players are outraged by his unilateral power in matters of discipline, and fans have taken umbrage at the many rules he has instituted in the name of player safety. Last week, he combined both of those elements in hammering the New Orleans Saints for their now-infamous bounty program. While no players have yet been suspended, he showed no remorse in his punishment of the management involved. Head coach Sean Payton will be suspended for the season, effective April 1. Gregg Williams, the former Saints defensive coordinator who was to assume the same role with the St. Louis Rams this year, has been suspended indefinitely, and may have coached his last NFL game. General manager Mickey Loomis is believed to be the first administrator ever to be suspended...
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Welcome to the new

Welcome to the new! We are pleased to welcome you to our new site. Our archived articles will soon be on the site but for now enjoy our latest posts by the best journalist in the country! All of our features will be back and working very soon!  ...
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