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And The New Lakers Coach Is…

Mikebrowncavs1-237x300 TINTON FALLS, N.J. - It was announced earlier today that former Cavaliers coach, Mike Brown, is the new head coach for the Los Angeles Lakers. Brown, who will be the 22nd Lakers coach will sign a four year, $18.25 million contract, according to ESPN Los Angeles.

This is great news for Brown, 41, who has been serving as an analyst for ESPN after being fired from the Cleveland Caveliers, last year. 

With a highly rated coach like Brown, Lakers better make it this time. There's no more possible excuses.

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Former NBA Player Dies

Robert-traylor TINTON FALLS, N.J. - Robert "Tractor" Traylor was found dead in his Puerto Rican beach apartment this morning. The cause of death has yet to be reported. Friends say Traylor was missing for three days before they checked his apartment to discover he had been dead.

The 34 year old was playing for Vaqueros de Bayamon in Puerto Rico. Traylor was not active and was in rehab for a heel injury.

He was a McDonald's All-Star and was drafted by the Dallas Mavericks in 1998 from the University of Michigan. 

Photo by Greg Nelson for Sports Illustrated.

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Worst Title Game Ever

Earlier this week I had the idea of writing about how college basketball is so much better then the professional level because of teams like VCU and Butler.

Butler and VCU played in one of the lowest-ranked final four games in history, and for the second year in a row low-seeded Butler headed to the National Championship to play UConn.

I would have loved to write that story, but instead I get to write about how Butler failed to show up.

Butler shot an awful 18.8 percent from the field (12-64) and only 27.3 percent from the three point line (9-33) in their disappointing 53-41 loss to UConn.

Stars Matt Howard and Shelvin Mack combined to go 5-28 with 20 points between them, and UConn held the Bulldogs to just 19 points in the second half.

But don't toot your horn too loud Connecticut. The Huskies only shot 34.5 percent from the field (19-55) and 9.1 percent from beyond the arc...

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One and done – Formula for disaster for big NCAA schools

If you are a Kentucky Wildcat fan it probably doesn't shock you how much of a roller coaster ride the last two seasons have been with Coach John Calipari at the helm. For the most part the rest of the country probably doesn't give it much thought. But the truth is, what is happening at the collegiate level of men's basketball is a formula for disaster for many of the Div 1 Goliaths.

Yes, the schools like Kentucky draw the elite, the McDonald's All-Americans and National All-stars. They hang that carrot of high visibility at a legendary program, coupled with loads of playing time to showcase their skills to the NBA wolves drooling to snatch up the next Michael Jordon / Lebron James. And just like that, the schools purge the majority of their starters and are in a perpetual rebuilding and relearning process.

This is nothing more than a farce. These schools offer a free ride to many of these...

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Let's Hope The NBA Locks Out

I've written a few stories on the NBA this season, including how awful All-Star Weekend was this year, but now my focus is on the league as a whole.

With a lockout looming after the Finals this June, the NBA will likely go into long negotiations like the NFL is currently involved in. The only difference about the two labor talks is that nobody will care about basketball as they do football.

Football is slowly creeping up behind baseball as America's sport. There is constant competition at the top, teams rising and falling every season, and new players becoming elite as others begin to fall out of their prime. It is what makes the sport great, what makes fans want to watch, and which is why the sport will be missed if there is a lockout.

The same can't be said for basketball. The NBA is slowly becoming a joke to most people in this country, as a majority...

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Understanding Ozzie

ozzie guillen crazy.jpgWhether he's hawking random expletives, labeling Jay Mariotti as "a garbage" or mumbling Spanglish idioms no one understands during the World Series on Fox, Ozzie Jose Guillen is always entertaining.

And while his latest project may be getting Jake Peavy to respect his own body (regarding injury, not that Jesusy "your body is a temple" stuff), we should all certainly stop to thank the baseball gods that, despite his busy schedule, Ozzie still has time to tweet.

Oh yes. 

Ozzie tweets.

It's just that... sometimes, his tweets... they're not easy to comprehend.  And that's where RSBS and our faithful interns get to work!

Let us enter the interwebs to analyze some of Ozzie's latest...

My dog dh needs a gf he want to...

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