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Will The Pirates Stretch For Carl Pavano

John Heyman of MLB network, reported that the Pittsburgh Pirates and Kansas City Royals are the front runners for Carl Pavano.

PavanoPavano would most likely come with a hefty price tag. Last season his salary was $7 million and he did nothing to diminish his value.

He enjoyed a very good season with Minnesota last year going 17 - 11 with a 3.75 ERA and a 1.20 WHIP, his best since 2004 with the Florida Marlins when he was 18 - 8 with a 3.00 ERA and 1.17 WHIP.

This may stretch the Pirates budget but in November Jenifer Langosch/MLB.com reported that Neal Huntington may be will to do so.

"We would love to add a starting pitcher, but we have to do so with intelligence," said Huntington. "There are going to be times where we have...

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Boof is Bound for Boston

The Twins were awfully busy at the winter meetings (well, busy for them), and I haven't been able to write much about it (still on restrictions for at least another couple of weeks, though I am feeling much better).  It's taken me about four days to finish this:
  • Bonser DFA'd, traded to the Red Sox

Losing Boof kind of sucks, actually.  Oh, I understand perfectly why the Twins felt justified in moving a 28 year-old coming off of shoulder surgery who hadn't put up decent numbers since his rookie season in 2006.  He and his agent reportedly wanted a $1.5 million raise, while the Twins' offer was substantially less than that (and probably much closer to what he's actually worth).  The Twins' 2010 opening day payroll is already pushing $90 million, and that's without a contract extension to Joe Mauer or addressing the infield, so...

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On Gardy

This season has been disappointing for Twins fans, to say the least. Naturally, whenever a team fails to live up to expectations, the manager and the coaching staff are the first ones to get the blame, even if those expectations may have been somewhat unreasonable to begin with (more on that in a minute). Not surprisingly, there is a growing contingent of Twins fans who feel that Gardy and his staff should be fired. Which is kind of funny because so many people were quick to praise him and his staff when the same team exceeded expectations last year.

I don't think the Twins' lackluster performance this season is all Gardy's fault. Or Andy's fault. Or Joe Vavra's fault (Especially since offense hasn't really been a problem this year. At least...
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For No Reason Here’s the Clash

I wasn't planning on writing anything today, since it's an off day. Besides, what is there to say? The Twins lost in underwhelming fashion to the Orioles last night, blowing a huge chance to both take sole possession of second place and gain ground on the Tigers. And that will probably cost them, since the Pale Hosers are whooping the Red Sox as I write this(UPDATE:  Yep, they did). But what else is new? The Twins have been blowing chances like this all season long, much like they did all last season. There are only so many I-am-so-disappointed-in-you posts I can write before I start sounding like my mom. Much to my surprise and delight however, the front office has apparently been busy today, claiming Brad Penny off waivers and maybe Rich HardenRead more