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Things That Are Worse than Paul Reiser…

hitler-mussolini.jpgAfter a mere two episodes that had the same effect as a handful of Ambien chased by a fifth of Knob Creek, Paul Reiser's triumphant(?) return to network television lasted about as long as a Milton Bradley welcome party.

I guess this is undeniable truth that US America just isn't mad about you, Mr. Reiser (*RIMSHOT*).

But don't worry, Paul, there are plenty of folks out there who are WAY WORSE than you.  And of course, the RSBS interns have been working furiously to bring you the shortlist.  Shall we?

Chone Figgins
After signing a $43.5 million deal to be the ignition in an otherwise defunct offense, it only seems fitting that the fate of the Mariners took another giant step backwards as Mr. Figgins continues to be the only...

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Woman in Libya Raped Then Sued?

NEWBRUNSWICK, N.J. -The men of Col. Muammar el-Qdaffi’s militia, who were accused of gang raping Eman al-Obeidi, have now filed a civil case against her. The men, one of them happening to be the son of a high-ranking Libyan official, were offended by al-Obeidi’s accusations and have decided to sue her over it.

Screen shot 2011-03-29 at 4.36.12 PM The incident started when Eman al-Obeidi approached foreign journalist in a Tripoli hotel about her rape. A scuffle broke out between the journalists, al-Obeidi, Libyan government security personnel, and hotel staff.

Since reports have surfaced, the government spokesman, Moussa Ibrahim, has depicted al-Obeidi in multiple lights. He has described her as a “drunk” and mentally ill in the beginning, and then redeemed her as sane and sober, and by Sunday the spokesman rested on “prostitute” and...

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The RSBS Podcast, Episode 20: Utley's Multiple Meniscuses… and Other Stuff

betty white and alf podcast photo.jpg

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And so in this Podcast brought to you by Lifestyles...

The proverbial (and literal) gloves come off in this verbal masquerade of utter ridiculousness and yes, injuries do occur (though mostly to Johanna and, since they are mental in nature, hardly noticed).  Among the topics of conversation one will find: Jeff's wandering Forever 21 eyes, Zack Greinke's ribs, the difference between a half and a full nelson, Cameroonian baseball, Bud Selig-bashing take 47 and much, much more... all to make you smile, laugh and play!


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Taking a Second Look at the Gadaffis

Muammar_Gaddafi.jpgNorth Africa seems to be going the way of the Pittsburgh Pirates.  You know it's bad but it just seems to be getting worse.  In Tunisia, Ben Ali had a few people killed but then decided to leave before it got too much worse.  In Egypt Mubarak held out a bit longer and tried a little harder to crush the opposition but soon enough he realized that enough was enough.

Enter Gaddafi.  Now, we've always known that the Colonel had a few screws loose.  This is the guy who ordered the bombing of the Lockerbie Pan Am flight after all.  From his Shakespearean, almost Lear-esque, pronunciations to the equally unhinged speech of his supposedly sane son, Saif Al-Islam, promising a "blood-bath" in Libya, the Gaddafi family has shown an intent in the last...

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