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Fleeing the Earth

As a fan of Michigan sports and especially University of Michigan football, I can't help but experience an inordinate amount of glee in the problems currently roiling the Ohio State football program. You can say I'm a bad person for feeling this way but if you ask a Buckeyes fan, I'm sure they'll admit to feeling the same way when Gary Moeller was forced out as the coach at Michigan. Sure, you'd like to be able to beat a team on their own terms but when they've got your number, it's a little satisfying to see the person responsible for that get the boot.

And it's not just football. With the Tigers playing in the same division as the Indians and the Indians currently whipping everyone's butts, it's just one more reason to dislike Ohio. But maybe I should be a...

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A Pleasant Peninsula

I'm proud to be from Michigan. We've got four of the five Great Lakes and really, how great is Lake Ontario anyway? Without Michigan, you don't get Kid Rock or Ted Nugent and how many other states let you to show people where you live just by holding up a hand?

However, I'm not always proud of Michigan. Sure, it's a great state but there are some issues. You know, like the fact that half of Detroit is functionally illiterate. Seriously, half. Even Togo does better than that.

Some of our other citizens don't fare much better either. You could call it a blond thing, you could call it a Michigan thing. All I know is that it doesn't say anything good about us.

There are two things that give me hope, though. First is the fact...

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NCAA Frozen Four: Who to Watch for NHL Fans

NCAA basketball's March Madness reached an anti-climatic end Monday, ending a month of...well, madness, but fear not!  There is yet one more college championship to be won!

Frozen Four 3

In St. Paul, MN today, the final four, the Frozen Four (University of Minnesota-Duluth, the University of Michigan, the University of North Dakota, and the University of Notre Dame) will contend in the semi-finals matches for the championship game Saturday at the Xcel Energy Center.  For those who love hockey (example: moi), the decision to watch is a no-brainer.  But in America, where even NHL teams struggle to bring in fans, the tournament is vastly under-publicized. 

Understandably, no matter how much you love a sport, it can be a bit difficult to watch when colors and...

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A Much Needed Diversion

The awards are all in here at RSBS and it would be hard to find a more deserving bunch of winners. However, we have to wait to hear who Major League Baseball determined to be the most valuable players and we like a little diversion during these times. So, since it's a Saturday and since Michigan just got beat like a red-headed step-child, we turn to Celebrity Jeopardy:

SNL with Will Ferrell, the gift that keep on giving (unlike that punk, Rich Rodriguez).

Happy Saturday.

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Et Tu, SI?

At this very moment, as I sit here writing this blog a long, long way from Comerica Park, the Tigers are attempting to sew up the AL Central title. But I'm worried. Very worried. I mean, there are the usual reasons as I explained the other day but this time there's a much more relevant reason. Comerica Park is on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Now, I don't know as though the SI cover jinx applies to ballparks or cities but why would SI even risk it? It's not as though the Detroit (or the state of Michigan for that matter) has anything else going for it. Yeah, the Lions may have finally won and the University of Michigan has eked out some close victories. But that's no...
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…And In This Corner, Misanthropy!

I don't like it when things come down to the wire. I like to know early what's going on and then just settle back and not worry about it. Perhaps this explains why I often miss incredible finishes, like Boise State beating Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl a couple years ago. Or Michigan coming back against Notre Dame. And Indiana. I'm not sure what it is, maybe my German blood, but just like I don't enjoy gambling, I don't enjoy close finishes.

Which is why I'd like the Tigers to make up their mind about the AL Central title. A friend of mine used to describe this peculiar inability to make a decision with the phrase, "Either sh!t or get off the pot." And maybe someone needs to pointedly remind the Tigers...
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